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Halloween is over, and Presley has been left out with the trash. Just being a pumpkin is no longer enough. In an epic attempt to return home, he begins taking up the roles of familiar magical friends. But Presley’s spookiness—once a special gift—may keep him away from his family forever!

Where Pumpkins Go After Halloween features 30 pages of carefully crafted prose brought to life by hand-drawn, digitally-inked illustrations. The bright palette and silly nature of the story will have readers ages 4-8 laughing the whole way through.


Wallaboo is the thoughtful and lighthearted story of a whimsical bear determined to save his strange friends from man-made destruction.

The book is the recipient of two awards totalling $6,000 in grant funding from the University of Waterloo’s Conrad School of Entrepreneurship. It was subsequently self-published under an alias in 2021, selling 150 copies in its first year.

Distribution of Wallaboo has been halted indefinitely. We hope to see a second edition of this story traditionally published. For more information, please fill out a contact form.

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